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Ct spirit investigators & researchers was founded by Rose Porto in 2003 based in Ct.  It is a group of diverse professionals  with  experience in all types of paranormal activity. Investigating private homes, businesses  and historical sites.

The goal

 The team tackles all types of hauntings . The goal is to help educate and empower people. Alleviating the fears and figuring out the reasons  for the paranormal activity.

What To Expect

  Ct spirit investigators will conduct a full investigation and historical  research report of the property and land. Once a conclusion is determined They offer solutions and help with your ghost haunting .


The teams mission

Additional Information

Ct spirit investigators is dedicated to finding answers and help for all paranormal activity in your home .They feel this is their mission as a team.

 They will make every effort to alleviate your fears by educating you on how to understand what is in your home or place of business.

Having had their own personal paranormal experiences  they have an understanding of how it is to live day to day in fear and to be held hostage by unseen forces. They are dedicated to doing  everything possible to bring peace back into your home.

Be it a human spirit or negative/demonic haunting, that is afflicting you, there is help!

 The team will come into your home discreetly and do a full home investigation. Using state of the art equipment along with metaphysical practices.

Some of the equipment used include  infrared cameras, digital and video cameras, meters and audio recorders along with other various recording and detecting equipment. 

Along with a full history of the home and location to give you possible answers for the cause of the haunting.

 After all evidence is collected and reviewed they will present it to you and then devise a plan of action.

   Ct spirit takes all of their cases seriously and  will always conduct themselves in the upmost professional matter at all times. They  also consider the human spirit and will attempt to help them also. 

The team will never share, post or discuss your haunting or evidence without your consent or permission  first.

All  services are free of charge, unless travel expenses force them to go outside of Ct.  Ct spirit also appreciates any donations made to them so they  can continue their mission. 

**Ct spirit will  travel the surrounding states, New York, Rhode Island, Mass , Penn.

**If you feel you are possessed and need help immediately, please call a  clergy or contact your local church .

**If you are interested in joining the Ct spirit team, and feel you have what it takes to be a great asset  please contact us. The team is always looking to expand.

To speak to a paranormal investigator or set up an investigation please call  Rose at 203 988 9127 or email

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Ct spirit investigators and researchers  are available for lectures, presentations and interviews 

Rose Porto Bio


Rose Porto BIO

Rose has been interested in the paranormal since a small child. Having had her own ghostly experiences it drove her to study and seek out all the knowledge she could on the subject.

    Her early career started as just a hobby it had her working with various local teams. Where she learned different ghost hunting techniques and how to use different equipment to detect paranormal activity. The hobby quickly changed when she  started to work alongside, Bishop Robert Mckenna, a renowned exorcist. He  worked many years with the famous Ct. husband and wife team the Warrens. She learned all about demons , demonic  possession and the dark side of  the paranormal and ghost hunting.

 In 2003 she put her own team together and Ct spirit investigators and researchers was founded. Rose has hundreds of cases under her belt and has helped many families find peace again.  She is the author of two books, "Mingling with spirits" and "Tormented souls" and she has been on several episodes of "The Haunted".

  She has been featured in numerous newspaper, magazine articles, Radio and television news casts. She has given classes on the paranormal and many lectures and presentations. She has been contacted and assisted  people from all over the world, including attorneys and law enforcement. She has also assisted local colleges with courses that explore paranormal phenomena.

  Rose and her team have investigated hundreds of private residences, ivy league colleges, historical restaurants and sites. firehouses, bed and breakfasts, inns, lighthouses, ghost towns, opera house, a castle in Italy, Gettysburg Pa, battlegrounds and libraries.

  Her main  focus has always been and always remains on helping families with severe hauntings.

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There are always telltale signs pointing to your home or business  that it might  indeed be haunted.

If your location was built anytime around the 1600's, 1700's or 1800's then its haunted no doubt! Ive never been in locations  dating back to these eras without them occupying  a ghost or two. These period ghosts have usually been around for centuries  and don't plan on leaving. The good news is they are always harmless. They will make their presence known  with subtle hints. The homeowners and the ghosts  in these cases will always find a middle ground, and end up, mutually accepting each others space.

 Other signs include the feeling that your not alone. That eerie sensation  that someone is watching you, or over your shoulder, often accompanied by chills and the hairs on your neck standing up.

Being touched or poked by unseen hands. In severe cases scratched or physically harmed.

Drops in temperature or cold spots sometimes even hot spots that no matter what you do wont change. 

Suddenly feeling a change of emotions coming over you that are not your own. Feeling sad, angry or depressed for no apparent reason . At these times you are picking up the emotional state of  the spirit. 

Electronics malfunctioning, new batteries being drained, lights that turn on or off by themselves.

Hearing disembodied footsteps, voices or whispers. Your name being called or antiquated music playing. Suddenly smelling phantom smells like cigar, cigarette smoke or sweet smells like perfume or flowers.

 You may see shadows, orbs, mist or twinkling lights. You may find objects being moved or disappearing and showing up or  found in odd locations

Light bulbs that blow out frequently.

Loud noises at night like furniture being moved or objects suddenly being dropped.

Children and pets acting strangely or afraid. Dogs  barking at nothing you can see. Cats that randomly start starring in empty rooms or following something on walls. Children talking to or about imaginary friends. 

 If you feel your house may be haunted, Please do not try to engage with the spirit or spirits, have a professional team come out to evaluate the situation. As not all hauntings are harmless.

Rose Porto





Nick comes to the team with years of technical and mechanical experience, an electrician by trade, he is able to problem solve by seeking logical explanations to certain household activities. He's an asset to the team,  by bringing a certain  balance. He's an animal lover and always ready to help others. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycling, and building and flying RC helicopters. 




Janet is the teams psychic medium. By day shes an office manager and accounting specialist.Her gift started as a young child and has developed over the years. She also has a love of animals, and will go beyond the call of duty to help anyone experiencing paranormal activity 



Marek is our investigator- in- training. He has always believed in the paranormal. After having his own experiences , his need to help others sparked. He brings positive and happy energy to the team. Currently a medical student. In his free time he enjoys working and  listening to evps. He also enjoys playing video games.

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Ct spirit paranormal knowledge

Demonic possession

Demonic possession is very rare but  it is also very real there is an exorcist right at this moment, somewhere, performing an exorcism. In Catholicism, the rite of exorcism is where its  most recognized.  A Demon or Demons battle for a persons soul.

The art of exorcism dates back to 1614, and the prayers are unchanged and still used today. The days of the practice are still somewhat shrouded in secrecy. 

For non-belivers its still usually referred to as just superstition or even mental illness. The Vatican has a vastly  large army of exorcist priest and still continues to train in the ancient  rite. Italy alone has about 400 exorcist trained priests, ready to do battle with  the evil one.

Exorcism in this day and age is still taken very seriously, by not only the catholic church, but many other  religion denominations. Full

demonic  possession, happens when

a persons body, and will are completely  taken over by a demon, or demons. It is believed that a "victim"  must give some type of  permission to the demon, either intentionally or unintentionally  to allow the demon permission to possess them. There is usually a long process before full possession  occurs. The demon or demons, break down the persons will a little at a time. The belief is that certain laws exist in the spirit realm and that demons must abide by them. Also boundaries they can not cross.

As paranormal investigators what we commonly see is demonic "oppression" or partially possessed.

In these cases the victim is heavily influenced by the demon/negative spirit. It is considered the beginning stages of possession. The demon will weaken and disorient, in this state the victim, may show signs of full possession and also return back to their normal self. 

Negative/demonic cases usually show signs of depression, mental illness and physical illness. The activity will include experiencing black shadows, black mist and masses. Knocking noises or rapping in threes, footsteps or hoof sounding steps through out the house. Scratching inside the walls, foul smells, hot/cold spots and  unshakable feeling of dread also religious items in the home that may be desecrated. There is always an atmosphere of heaviness or pure evil. families are scratched, suffer nightmares and may witness phantom animals or creatures.  *These are just a few of the phenomenon that may occur.

*some believe shadow people are  the gate keepers to Hell and  unfortunately the only goal of the demonic, is to torture, harass and destroy life.


Children take everything in stride and this includes ghosts. As well as other paranormal phenomenon. Children see them, hear them and interact with them. They usually do not question if they are alive or dead. Its because they are not quite "programmed' to believe that there is no such thing as ghosts. Children will often talk about or pick out deceased relatives, they have never met out of old photographs. They also describe visitations and conversations with beloved relatives. The very common occurrence is imaginary friendships.

Often playing and having conversations with something not visible to adult eyes. These spirits are for the most part human in nature, but occasionally they  may be negative spirits disguised as harmless, to gain the child's trust. Children are not only open to loving deceased spirits, or children ghosts, but unfortunately they can also become targets of negative/demonic energies. As my team and I have encountered in several cases.

In a  negative haunting we find children experience night terrors are terrified to sleep alone in the dark. They will describe monsters with big teeth or black small hooded creatures that scare them. They may complain of hearing voices or their name called. They will also have trouble at school learning, focusing and may suddenly develop out of character  behavioral  problems. 

We  have worked  with many  children that have experienced human and negative hauntings. Our mission is to empower so the child is not afraid. Having had  childhood experiences myself, I understand the fears, dangers and lasting damage the paranormal can afflict.


Animals like children are also natural sensitives. There are many stories of pets warning their owners of impending danger. Not only are they our companions, but I feel we are not nearly close enough  to knowing their true exact purpose in our lives .

I do believe they are able to see past the spirit veil and see ghosts and spirits. Along with being able to sense their true intentions.

Being a big animal lover its always unsettling to receive calls where animals are being attacked by unseen forces. I know too well what happens to our fur babies at haunted locations.  They can also become major targets for evil spirits.

Pets at haunted location are always in protective mode, they can not relax if there are negative spirits around. Unfortunately animals are unable to voice what is going on. In locations where they are being attacked. They will be kicked by unseen forces pushed down stairs and constantly terrorized. 


There are two types of spirits  typically encountered, in a true haunting. The most common is human, the other is of course inhuman. An inhuman , has never walked the earth in human form.

Inhumans are inclined to be negative or malevolent in nature . Demons of course fall into this category.

Human spirits also can be evil in nature, if a person was nasty in life, he will not change much in spirit. We have come across many mean and evil human spirits just as bad as demonic ones .These spirits tend to be criminals especially murderers when they were alive.

There are many reasons why ghosts choose not to cross over and remain earthbound. Some of the most common is a trapped spirit. Usually caused by a traumatic event. Sometimes a soul is not accepting of their death. If they have unfinished business, or family members that are holding on to them, the spirit may feel it needs to stay.


Some locations seem to also hold on to energy, any place that has had a history of great suffering, fear, desperation, those emotions also get trapped and become a catalyst for negative or malevolent  spirits.

When a spirit is caught in between the worlds, he may not know he is dead, he will go about his normal routine at the locations he is accustomed to.

If a spirit has been wronged or murdered, he may not cross over until justice has been served.

A spirit may also not cross over due to fear of repercussion.

Most human hauntings,  just want to be acknowledged or need help with finishing a task.

 Sometimes, the living are attracting some spirits just by their energy.

We are  also finding many homes in our area are being built on Native American burial grounds, or unholy cursed land, these areas cause many  different types of spirit activity. also attracting inhuman spirits.


We all have heard of them, and we have all gotten them in our pictures. They tend to be active at weddings, family gatherings and funerals.  controversial  little guys! 

 They are circular, white in color, but they do appear in other shades . A ball of light appearing in photographs, video and even seen with the bare eye. So what are they?

  As a paranormal investigator, I will tell you that some are dust particles, debris and even flying bugs. But... I will also say some  are spirit energy. 

When my team and I are investigating a location, we look for other experiences along with orbs to prove that the orb is a spirit.

 No one knows for sure, but we have never been at a haunted location, without capturing,  an orb or two. They are usually flying at high speeds, with direction, through our videos or areas that we are trying to communicate  with the resident ghost. 

They also have lasting physical effects. We have had orbs go through investigators and made them sick. With instant headaches or pain. In those cases, we know we are not dealing with flying debris.

I do believe that spirit orbs are the way energy travels to this dimension. They also seem to have intelligence, we have caught them on film near our paranormal equipment. Almost as if they are curious and inspecting the gadget.

(see Picture in our gallery)

Orbs may remain a mystery for some. As many believe they could be Angels, guardians or nature spirits. Some think they are  a form of protoplasm , on a larger scale, somewhat like you may find on  a microscope. Others will enlarge them to see human  faces .

I search for orbs to make appearances  at haunted  locations, as they tend to add to the evidence collected. Helping us prove orbs are really spirit energy. 


We know that locations can be haunted. Haunted objects  can also hold energy. A piece of jewelry,  antique furniture, mirrors, old musical boxes or instruments and most creepy of all  a  doll. 

Almost any object can be haunted or have a spirit attachment. Just like a haunting at a location,  an object can have many reasons as to  why it comes with a ghost .

Typically a haunting will start when the object is brought into the home. The ghost attached to it will often be felt or even seen lurking close to it.

Sometimes the object will bring streaks of bad luck, to the family or home, especially if its cursed.

When dealing with haunted objects we like to find as much history background on the object as possible. This is not always an easy task, as objects are not recorded in history, unless it is a very expensive piece, and belonged to someone very important. Sometimes the spirit uses the object as a vessel. Most of the time getting rid of the object will also rid you of the ghostly attachment.

We had many cases that involved haunted objects, we had our own Annabelle case that involved a haunted doll. It was a family that inherited a ninety year old doll. The doll was given to the family by a close relative and they were not willing to part with it. Until the nature of the doll was exposed.

The doll was found in different places  of the home, in the morning, after being left at night at another part of the house.

 The family placed blessed Rosary beads on the doll in hopes it would stop the activity. Again in the morning the doll was found across the room with the Rosary beads broken and thrown on the floor. We came in and investigated and captured a pic of the dolls eyes moving ( see our photo gallery) as a response to us asking the doll to move. 

The doll happened to be a vessel for an evil entity, it had nothing to do with the relative who gave it to them. A priest was brought in as it became apparent the family was in danger.

 Over the years I have become keepers of once haunted and troublesome objects. Some of the   objects  in my possession are an old ouija board (c1930's), that  its planchette moved erratically without human hands holding it, on many occasions. A voodoo doll found by a client in her home, while she was getting attacked by unseen forces. A haunted child's book that would be used by a spirit to send the family messages.

(all in the photo gallery)


This fascinating story was told to me first hand by a local shopkeeper. She witnessed  the activtiy first hand. She owns  a cute little new age and antique  store located in Ct. 

She often goes to estate sales to pick up unique objects. A few years ago she stopped at one in the  litchfeild  area. She remembers being  immediately mesmerized by one particular object. It was an old crystal ball with an ornately carved gold base. It was in pristine condition. She describes  the experience in a movie like way, as if there was a huge spotlight on the object and everything else around her was in slow motion. She knew she couldn't leave without it! She quickly paid for it and on the way home planned where she would display her new find.

A few weeks had passed and she  was getting ready to close for the night. She felt a presence standing in front of her and immediately thought it was a customer, but as she looked up, there was no one there.

 In the coming days, the presence seemed to get stronger, even customers would comment on the energy feeling different, and seeing fleeting dark shadows around the crystal ball area.

One customer claimed she got a quick glance of a women with long dark hair in period clothing standing over the crystal ball.

Not shortly after a customer came in and headed right for the ball, she immediately said she wanted to buy it, the shopkeeper  said she felt hesitate and regretful almost as if she didn't want it to go. 

The shopkeeper said she couldn't stop thinking of the  crystal ball. It was on her mind for days later. To her surprise the women who bought it came back about a month later, with the crystal ball.

 She claimed the crystal ball  brought her bad karma and that it was haunted by a young women. The shopkeeper immediately refunded her money and the crystal ball was put back without a price tag.

 She has gotten many offers on it, over the years, but refuses to sell it. She  feels the spirit is happy at her shop, and wants to remain there.  She  will occasionally feel the ghostly women's spirit.


I can always tell when I am about  to speak to a paranormal client as soon as I pick up the phone. There is always a quick hesitation. As if the caller is regretting they called. There is always the awkward" is  this the ghost company"?

By the time the family contacts me, they have either had enough, or they have had a very frightening experience.

I am quick to reassure them, there is no judgement on my end. The next comment is your going to think I'm crazy! Again I remind  them they are calling a paranormal team and it doesn't get any open minded as  this .

By this time they have already researched the internet about ghosts and paranormal teams.

Paranormal activity just doesn't start suddenly. It starts over a period of time, with subtle things and sometimes it will calm down for years, then suddenly start up again.

We don't always know why this happens. 

Some hauntings are caused by opening spirit doors, this happens because someone has shown interest by playing with the ouija board. Playing with the occult is no game. Many try to push the limits and challenge  the spirit word because they want to experience something paranormal. Going to haunted locations and provoking will only get the attention of something negative. As will dabbling in the black arts, conjuring demons, and participating in devil worship.

These are just a few of the things that will invite evil into your life. Once these spirit doors are open, its very hard, if not impossible to close these portals. Many people feel that these things are not real, or they believe they are too powerful to be effected. I have seen many lives be destroyed and many feeling regret for choices they made because of curiosity and  playing with the occult.

Again,  these cases have done things to cause the haunting and invited in the supernatural


EMF or electronic magnetic field, is the natural "energy charge" that surround objects or emitted by everyday appliances (more from older ones). 

The cause of EMF can be both natural or man made .The reason we as paranormal investigators pay attention to EMF is because, high EMF can also alert us that a spirit is near by. 

The reason we focus on EMF is that high EMF will also cause disturbing effects.It can cause people to think they are having a paranormal experience. Some effects of more serious long term and short term exposure can cause an impact on our well being. 

The impact of high EMF can cause more damage than having a ghost. When we sweep the area for high EMF we are looking for natural causes, when the meter starts alerting us and there is no natural cause this is when it maybe paranormal.

We also ask any spirits to go up to the meter and will use it for communication. If the ghost complies, the meter will light up.

Some effects of high EMF, when no ghost is detected will produce

Headaches/ nausea

Fatigue/ stress/ depression

Paranoia/ Hallucinations

Feeling of being watched

trouble breathing or heaviness in chest



insomnia /ringing in ears

skin rashes, eye and sinus pain


All forms of cancer



Alzheimers /Lou Gehrigs diease


birth defects / miscarriages

Childhood cancers

As you can see some symptoms can be confused with ghostly activity, its only when the homeowner notices the symptoms  cease and they feel better away from the home, that the EMF is causing the disturbance.

But.... we have also had cases where high EMF feeds spirit activity, which verifies the theory that ghosts need energy to manifest.

Ct spirit will do its best to determine which activity is happening at the home. Finding answers be it paranormal or not, to help the family.


When a loved one passes, even the most skeptic, wants to know their loved ones are really in a much better place .Almost everyone who's lost someone, will receive messages from beyond.

 Some signs could be just , hearing a favorite song, that reminds them of someone they lost. Randomly smelling their perfume, or seeing their favorite numbers on a passing car.

Signs or messages, that instantly remind you of a loved one, is more than just coincidence.

Dreams are another big way that our loved ones send us messages. If you have a vivid dream, where upon waking up, you must question yourself "if that was real"? Chances are that was a visitation.

We know that our loved ones are near, when we need them the most, they also like to attend family parties, and funerals and we know they are up to date with whats going on in our present lives..

Many people who  recently loose loved ones, always ask when can I expect them to visit?

Or they will complain that they haven't heard from their recently deceased. I understand the longing to want them to visit right away. The issue is that when we are in mourning , the emotion is so strong, that  our loved ones  cannot get through. Its like trying to get through a brick wall. 

It is only when we come to terms, with the loss, that we allow the wall to come down. Our minds, body and soul, must be open and ready to accept the visit or message.

It is truly a gift and all visitations must be cherished and embraced. Do not ever question or talk  yourself out of this amazing phenomena, they will provide comfort and  Our loved ones will continue to reach out to us!


Spirit attachments have been around for awhile. The paranormal field has been dealing with them for many years. It is exactly what it sounds like. A spirit attaches themselves to a living person. We have seen many cases that involve them.

When a living person has an attachment, they will feel drained. Emotions that are not their own will suddenly come from no where and engulf them. Some may even have lapse of memory or have another personality take over them.

Spirit attachments can be caused by human and demonic spirits.

They are always  parasitic. They can cause mental anguish and health decline.

So what exactly causes them?

Just as we have many reasons for  a haunting, there are many reasons why an earthbound spirit chooses to attach to an individual. First and foremost, the person with the attachment is an easy target.  It could be as easy as a spirit just being attracted to someones energy.

In some cases having either dabbled in the occult with having no knowledge or protection. Mediums and psychics because they connect and open up to spirit energies. Also paranormal investigators are  susceptible   especially if they get lax, and  the proper protection steps are not followed. 

People with health and emotional issues, are more prone due to their  energy field or auras being compromised, as are drug and alcohol addicts. Unfortunately anyone can fall victim to spirit attachment, it is best to get help  as soon as they think  they have an attachment rather  than later.

Rose Porto, Ct spirit investigators and researchers



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